The Master Plan to organizing my home


Fair warning, the title is deceiving.

When we were building our house I heard so many times that we needed lots of closet space.  I even remember My father-in-law saying a family needs about 600 sf of living space and 3000 sf of storage!  So, I made sure we have lots of closets!  After all, this is THE house – built on family land – it’s ours to keep and take care of forever – no “in our next home” here. 

As is turns out, though, I’m a pack rat – and I came up with this master plan to de-clutter this home over time – because I’m very short on that always.  I decided to give myself approximately one week per room (depending on the room) – a few minutes here and there to go through everything, clean and purge.  Then on Saturdays I’d take everything I’ve gathered and donate it to a local charity that helps women in abusive situtations.  Sounds good doesn’t it.  I even got my home binder out (which is really a skeleton of a home binder) and wrote out most everything I wanted to accomplish in each room – that way I could check it off because who doesn’t love checking things off a to do list?!?!

Guess how much I’ve got done?  I dusted the master bedroom and donated some clothes that I had already gathered – it’s been a month.  I was hoping to have about four rooms done.

Also, as it turns, the planning actually wore me out – the thought of everything I’d have to actually do in the midst of all the other day to day obligations like work and laundry was a bit overwhelming.  So, I’m taking it easy and choosing not be beat myself up over a timeline.  Sure, I still want to do it and I will … sometime.  I’m taking everything I do one step at a time – asking my Heavenly Father for help in it all – even cleaning my house.

How do you handle it all?  Work, Meaningful Family Time, Laundry …



About melmelmc

I'm a God lover, Jesus is my super hero, good girl, Which really means I'm a nut case! Trying to be/stay God-Centered, raise a family of three kids, a super awesome husband, all while working at our usually home based business. It's complicated.

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