Where to begin? Up until this moment I was sure I knew what i would say about me. But as I sit here watching the cursor blink I’m stuck. Let me just start with the bare bones and see where that leads.  I’m in two very serious relationships … 1) being with my Jesus and 2) being with my amazingly awesome husband, Steve.

Since childhood I’ve felt a tug at my heart to know Christ and I’m so glad I do because well I’m kind of a mess and I would be all sorts if nuts without that relationship! When I was only 14 I prayed for a good boyfriend someone who was genuine and would like me for me. I even remember telling God that it didn’t have to be a forever boyfriend … Just something for now! He knew what I needed though and he blessed me just a short time later with an incredible boy that I’ve watched grow into an incredible man before my very eyes. That was sixteen years ago and we’ve been happily married for the last ten of them! If your doing the math I’m just about to celebrate my 30th birthday!

Which brings me to why I’m blogging …. as it turns out the winds of change are blowing!

I went to work at my parents company, Cottrell Truck and Equipment, straight out of high school and up to almost a year ago I worked there …. Just as we were about to welcome our third child (yes we have three beautiful blessings!) I started staying home. I wish i could say I’m a stay at home mom that gets to focus most of her attention on her children, but I’m not. Not only had I worked for my parents for the last decade but shortly after Steve and I married we started a sign business which we (mostly me) still operate from home. See that here. I’ve been a girl straining for a her place it what has certainly felt like a man’s world (the truck and sign industries) for far too long. My life can be summed up into three basic categories, spirituality, family, and business.

But now the winds of change are blowing and I’m feeling like dandelion dancing through the air just waiting and praying to see how it will all turn out. This blog will capture the journey of my craziness along the way!

Follow me if you’d like … or don’t … that’s up to you!


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