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Just me will house the majority of my posts as it will track this season of my life to see what the Lord has in store for me and my family!

The Master Plan to organizing my home


Fair warning, the title is deceiving.

When we were building our house I heard so many times that we needed lots of closet space.  I even remember My father-in-law saying a family needs about 600 sf of living space and 3000 sf of storage!  So, I made sure we have lots of closets!  After all, this is THE house – built on family land – it’s ours to keep and take care of forever – no “in our next home” here. 

As is turns out, though, I’m a pack rat – and I came up with this master plan to de-clutter this home over time – because I’m very short on that always.  I decided to give myself approximately one week per room (depending on the room) – a few minutes here and there to go through everything, clean and purge.  Then on Saturdays I’d take everything I’ve gathered and donate it to a local charity that helps women in abusive situtations.  Sounds good doesn’t it.  I even got my home binder out (which is really a skeleton of a home binder) and wrote out most everything I wanted to accomplish in each room – that way I could check it off because who doesn’t love checking things off a to do list?!?!

Guess how much I’ve got done?  I dusted the master bedroom and donated some clothes that I had already gathered – it’s been a month.  I was hoping to have about four rooms done.

Also, as it turns, the planning actually wore me out – the thought of everything I’d have to actually do in the midst of all the other day to day obligations like work and laundry was a bit overwhelming.  So, I’m taking it easy and choosing not be beat myself up over a timeline.  Sure, I still want to do it and I will … sometime.  I’m taking everything I do one step at a time – asking my Heavenly Father for help in it all – even cleaning my house.

How do you handle it all?  Work, Meaningful Family Time, Laundry …



A thousand thoughts and no plan


I’m a planner.  A list maker.  But as it turns out, that’s all I am.  I can’t seem to get from planning to doing to finishing.  As I type, I have a load of whites spread across my living room floor that  has been there all night, I have a ton of paper work to do (my desk is under there somewhere), laundry, signs to finish (the actual job that makes the moolah – note I said finish not start because I’m in the middle of several), a house to declutter (the big project for the year – for which I have a great 6 page plan! but that’s another post that I thought I’d have on here by now) ( and I did remember the link – click here for that)

And I’m thinking now God and Jesus are sitting there chuckling at me – I can see Them pointing down and smiling at me “she’s at again … list making … everything she wants to get done.”

But this mornings devo took me by surprise. It was from book called Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.  It said:  Do not wear yourself out with analyzing and planning,  Instead, let thankfulness and trust be your guides through this day; they will keep you close to me … you will cease to notice how weak or strong you feel, because you are focusing on Me.”

One, the Lord has really been dealing with me about FOCUS.  Like I said there are usually a thousand things running through my head a minute.  Two, I can’t remember right now because I forgot while I typed one.  Three, I wrote notes for a Bible Study a while back entitled “I’m tired.”  I’ll post that and link up for some background soon (maybe… we’ll see – and I did manage to do that too – click here for that).  Four, one of THE verses to go with that devo is THE first I’ve penned in the front of my prayer journal – Psalm 29:11 – which I don’t think I’ve shared with anybody – it’s been my prayer over my family for a while now.  It says ” the Lord gives His people strength – He blesses them with peace.”

I have to ask myself, can I really stop planning?  Can I really trust Him enough?  But as it turns out, He’s always got my back – He’s always working on my behalf.  When he sees me planning and analyzing and knowing all the while those plans will backfire.  So, I’m just taking it one step at a time – as Jesus leads.  At some point, it will all get done … maybe not my plans or how I expected to do it … but His.

Thank you Father for these God lessons – may I always appreciate them.  Amen.

Are you a planner, a list maker?  How do you make yourself focus in the midst of kids and bills and work to get it finished?

You are you. I am me.


I have been dealing with this issue for a very long time.  And it’s hard for me to admit … So maybe i won’t just yet.  But as i sit here waiting to get one of my sweet boys for school and I stare at this beautiful view I’m reminded that GOD has a reason for giving me the trials that he gives me.  So I’m going to make this public declaration again… I trust my God with everything I have.  No, I don’t get to understand the whys or how’s.  But I’m choosing to trust Him anyway.  Ecclesiastes 3 is why I believe so strongly on this subject.  Go read it at least through verse 11 and I hope it will encourage you to trust Jesus with everything you have to.  Let me know what you think!

The oil cleansing method face cleanser



I have been using this as my facial cleanser on and off for a while now. I originally found it at It seems odd at first – I mean cleaning with oil? My face? But this combo actually bonds with the oil and impurities in your skin and works great … and it’s cheap!! I have pretty good skin that can be a little dry and I mix mine half and half. Half Olive Oil Half Castor Oil. Just massage a small amount into your skin before before bed for a minute or so and then rest a hot wet washcloth on your face for 30 seconds or so then wipe clean with said washcloth! Your face will feel fabulous! The beauty of the mixture is that if you are more prone to oily skin or blackheads you just switch up the recipe and put it in more castor oil than olive oil and vice versa!!!

Hello world!


I’ve never seen myself as a blogger.  However, I’ve managed to urge my sister and sister in law into the blogging world this week so here I go, too!  I place to rant and rave, right?  I don’t actually intend to do that!  My life is changing though (maybe I’m finally growing up!)  and I find myself learning so much.  Most of which is about me and who I really am.  I keep finding myself saying “as it turns out” and that seems to be my theme lately.  But now since the winds of change are blowing and I’m feeling like a dandelion dancing through the air just waiting and praying to see how it will all turn out I’m hoping this blog will capture the journey of my craziness along the way!

Follow me if you’d like … or don’t … that’s up to you!

I have started with an “About Me” page … check it out if your interested!  I’m still not 100% sure how I feel about “blogging” and putting “me” out there for the world … but I guess we’ll see how it turns out!!